About Us

The Awakening Grace Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed in April of 2015. Better known as Awakening Grace, our mission is to encourage families enduring the loss of a child during pregnancy or infancy to grieve bravely, heal gently, and remember boldly. We do this by supporting families during or after their loss with custom burial garments for all gestations and care packages to offer comfort. Our care packages contain snacks, comfort items for both parents and any siblings in the home, and memorial items including a bear handmade from a wedding dress. Awakening Grace also acts as a resource center for families, providing them with information including, but not limited to, support groups, books that may assist in the grieving process, remembrance ideas, and funeral expense assistance information when needed.

The name Awakening Grace comes from the two boys who inspired its creation, Shane Michael Kleyer and Aiden Robert Elliott. Aiden means “little fiery one”, fire meaning “to awaken”. Shane means “Gift of God, gift of grace.” With the passing of our boys, Awakening Grace was born. The meaning of “awakening grace” is to educate the public on the grieving an entire family endures during the loss of a child during this stage of life. It asks that society bestow compassion and understanding upon those families. It also asks that families bestow that same compassion and understanding upon themselves.

To provide validation and support during this loss, the faces of Awakening Grace, Nikita Kleyer and Roslyn Punt have established 3 main goals: To provide care packages to families in the midst of loss and to families who have experienced a past loss, to act as a resource center for those needing answers or direction, and to provide a safe community for families to talk about their journey through grief, healing, and remembrance. It has been said by those “seasoned” in the grieving process, “Grief doesn’t end, it just changes.” Awakening Grace wants to spread that message to the families we serve and the communities they live in.

Board Members

Founder and Executive Director of Awakening Grace: Nikita Kleyer

Vice President of the Board/Vice President of Awakening Grace: Roslyn Punt

Board Chair: Nathan Vander Plaats

Secretary: Kate Ericson

Treasurer: Stephanie Schelling

Board Member: Ashley Anderson

Board Member: Jaclyn Schelling



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